Forward Theatre Project: a team of artists who travel the UK to create theatre productions inspired by different communities. 

We put our audience relationships right at the heart of our creative making process and create shows which challenge, provoke, surprise and delight. 

We value:

- Audiences: They are why the work exists. 

- Collaboration: A collective approach to making work. 

- Community: Strengthening the role theatre can play in a community. 

Our work is created through:  


We get out there.  Our company takes up residency in a theatre building and work with the local community to get under the skin of the place we are in. Our artists then make a show about the places and people we encounter. 


Just like the long-term residencies but shorter. We scratch the surface of the communities we are working in to make short, responsive pieces of theatre. 

Forward Theatre Project is an associate company of Paines Plough. 


Forward Theatre Project was established in 2009 from a meeting between 20 emerging theatre directors, writers and designers and 10 building based Artistic Directors from around the UK. We came together with a shared desire to advocate for a more national approach to making new work amongst emerging theatre makers and to create theatre rooted in a relationship with its audience from inception through to final production. 

The company is a collective of these original artists, led by Artistic Director Charlotte Bennett and Producer Helen Goodman.